My mission is preserve and develop the Japanese breed – Hokkaido in Europe.

My first, most important, and still the primary goal is to expand the genetic pool in Europe. Till now, I imported three dogs from Japan with different pedigrees:

- Red female Itsu-Hime,

- White male Fuujin,

- Red male Kaito.

At this moment I focus on two coats – red and white. The first choice fell on the red colour because I like it the most :) The white is the colour of which usually ask future puppies’ owners – their preferences are very important because I can’t ‘save’ breed alone. Another reason is the difficulty in obtaining the proper black&tan coat in this breed. Red and white dogs with good body and colour are more avaiable. This is very important at such a small breed population in Europe. My dream is to introduce the breeding brindle coat.

All the achievements I owe a wonderful person – Itsuko S. from Tokyo and other breeders from Japan: Saito Tatsumi, Yoshiyuki Fujii, and Mrs. Furukawa – all of them are members of Dokenho – THANK YOU for everything!